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Funk It’s Jam Cruise 2014 Highlight Video

Anders Osborne & Cyril Neville

Funk It’s Jam Cruise 2014 Highlight Video:

01. Everyone Orchestra – Rock The Boat (Matt Butler, Steve Kimock, John Morgan Kimock, Chris Chew, Anders Beck, Paul Hoffman, Allie Kral, Dan “Lebo” Lebowitz, Zach Gill, Jans Ingber & Jennifer Hartswick)
02. March Fourth Marching Band – ???
03. Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe – New Ammo (with Bill Evans)
04. Monophonics – There’s A Riot Going On
05. Aron Magnor & Tom Hamilton – Franklin’s Tower
06. Stanton Moore Trio – Cissy’s Got The Blues (with George Porter Jr & Kofi Burbridge)
07. Thievery Corporation – Take My Soul
08. Lotus – Wax
09. Lettuce – Don’t Be Afraid To Try (with Alecia Chakour)
10. George Porter Jr’s Jam Room – I Get High (with John Popper, Stanton Moore & Billy Iuso)
11. George Porter Jr’s Jam Room – Second Line > Iko Iko (with Adam Deitch, Will Bernard & the Bonerama horns)
12. Nathan Moore / The Spot – Born On The Bayou
13. George Porter Jr & The Kimocks – Turn On Your Lovelight
14. Anders Osborne – Fire On The Mountain (with Cyril Neville, George Porter Jr, Ivan Neville & Billy Iuso)
15. Stanley Jordan – Mozart’s Piano Concerto No. 21 – Andante
16. Kelly Finnigan (of Monophonics) – Why Can’t I Let Go (with Adryon de Leon)
17. Eric Krasno Band – Torture
18. The Revivalists – Appreciate Me

Galactic with Maggie Koerner

19. Galactic – Quitters Never Win (with Maggie Koerner)
20. John Popper, DJ Logic, George Porter Jr, Stanley Jordan & Adam Deitch – Improvisation
21. Conspirator – ???
22. Galaxy Disco – DJ Dan Hastie (of Orgone)
23. The New Mastersounds – ??? (with The West Coast Horns)
24. Nigel Hall’s Jam Room – Jam (with Robert Randolph & The Family Band, DJ Williams, Alvin Ford Jr, Rashon RaMu Murph & unknown horns PLUS Lenisha Randolph & Roosevelt Collier)
25. Nigel Hall’s Jam Room – Voodoo Chile (Brandon Niederauer, Tony Hall & Eric Bolivar)
26. The Wailers – Stir It Up
27. Stanton Moore & Adam Deitch – Drum Off
28. Les Claypool’s Duo de Twang – Wynona’s Big Brown Beaver
29. Robert Randolph & The Family Band – ???
30. Robert Walter’s 20th Congress – Quantico, VA (with Eric Krasno & Chris Stillwell)
31. Bootsy Collins – Stretchin’ Out (In A Rubber Band)
32. Mike Dillon Band – It’s 7am At The Jazz Fest (with Stanton Moore)
33. Skerik’s Bandalabra – Simon Says (with Carly Meyers)

Dumpstaphunk with Victor Wooten & Billy Iuso

34. Dumpstaphunk – Meanwhile (with Victor Wooten & Billy Iuso)
35. Zach Deputy – Beautiful Morning
36. Orgone – You Got The Love
37. Ivan Neville & Cyril Neville – Be My Lady
38. Electron – Comfortably Numb
39. Alan Evans Super Jam – Superfly (with Nigel Hall & Monophonics)
40. Alan Evans Super Jam – Purple Rain (with Dumpstaphunk)
41. Adam Deitch’s Jam Room – Jam (with Victor Wooten, Zach Deputy, Bobby Deitch, Rashon RaMu Murph & unknown horns)
42. Adam Deitch’s Jam Room – God Made Me Funky (Dr. Klaw with James Casey, Jans Ingber, Kofi Burbridge & March Fourth Marching Band Horns)
43. Jans Ingber hallway party
44. Warren Haynes – Sugaree (with Anders Osborne, John Popper, George Porter Jr & Cyril Neville)

Everything shot by one person using 2 cameras and one mic. Canon G20, Canon T3i Rebel, and Sony ECM-MS908C stereo mic.

Funk It Blog on Jam Cruise

Funk It Blog on Jam Cruise

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Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe – Cinco De Mayo Celebration 2011 Late Night at Tipitina’s


Talk about a party! Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe had Tipitina’s rocking from 2am to 5:30am on a Thursday night / Friday morning. We were in New Orleans after all, it was 2nd weekend of Jazz Fest and it was Cinco De Mayo! Well, it wasn’t actually Cinco De Mayo anymore as it was Friday morning by the time they started, but try telling that to the Professor Longhair bust in the Tipitina’s foyer: he was a sporting a huge sombrero all night!

This show had an insane amount of guests: Terence Higgins on a 2nd drum kit for the entire show, Ivan Neville, Eric McFadden, Nigel Hall, Tony Hall, Marco Benevento, Steve Molitz, Mike Dillon, Nikki Glaspie, The Shady Horns, Maurice Brown, Mark Mullins, etc… The most surprising guest was American Idol Taylor Hicks who demonstrated his harmonica skills on a wacky (at least it seemed wacky to me) cover of Wall of Voodoo’s “Mexican Radio”!

The full 3 hour audio recording is available to stream or download at Live Music Archive or to download via torrent at etree.

A big thanks goes out to Cosmicsoul420 for recording this audio and allowing me to use it on these videos.

This first video is a slamming cover of a Cold War Kids song that really shows the grittier side of Karl D’s voice. I can’t get this one out of my head, especially the a capella ending. Just feel that intro riff Chris Stillwell lays down on bass.

The second video is a Los Lobos cover that features Ivan Neville on organ & Eric McFadden ripping an acoustic-electric guitar like I’ve never seen.

This third video also features Ivan Neville & Eric McFadden, but don’t forget that Terence Higgins is guesting the whole show on that 2nd drum kit. This tune, Satisfied, really allows the dual drummers to show off a little with a drum breakdown near the end. We also find Karl D playing “more cowbell,” as well as a lengthy flute solo in the middle.

The fourth and final video features 8 horn players, Nikki Glaspie (Beyonce’s drummer) on one of the drum kits and Steve Molitz from Particle on organ. The horn players, in order of their solos are: Chris Littlefield on trumpet, Rashawn Ross on trumpet, Sam Kinninger on alto sax, Maurice Brown on trumpet & Ryan Zoidis on tenor sax. The video cuts here because my hand was too tired to record any longer, but the tune ended with an organ solo by Steve Molitz, a big horn blowout by everyone and a short Karl Denson sax solo. Two other horn players are present but don’t solo: Mark Mullins on trombone & Anthony Reed on sax. Of all of those horns, Maurice Brown’s solo really stands out for me.

Thanks goes out to Marc Millman Photography for the use of his images.
His site has some great image galleries, so check it out.