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VIDEO: Frequinox closing down NOLA Jazz Fest @ d.b.a. early Monday morning 5/3/15

Frequinox at d.b.a. - Jazz Fest 2015

Frequinox 5/3/15 New Orleans, LA @ d.b.a. – Set Two:

May 3, 2015
New Orleans, LA @ d.b.a.


Recorded, Mixed, & Mastered by Phil Harris – PH Balanced Recordings
Schoeps CCM5’s + Royer SF12 > Tascam 70D
-mics onstage center
-Schoeps positioned horizontally (ORTF/Cardioid) at 3′
-Royer positioned vertically (Blumlein) at 4′
-mixed & processed with L3 + Cubase 7

Set One – 1:45am:
01. ???
02. ???
03. Twitchie Feet [The Soul Machine cover]
04. Penske [Will Bernard]
05. ???
06. Cabbage Alley [The Meters cover]
07. Happy Birthday Robert Walter

Set Two – 3:20am:
08. Born In New Orleans (Donald Harrison Jr rap)
09. 2% Body Fat [Robert Walter]
10. Chicken Lickin’ (with Adam Kelly) [Funk Inc. cover]
11. Bootleggin’
12. Hung Up [Salt cover]
13. Meditation [Sam & The Soul Machine cover] (inc. Wynona’s Big Brown Beaver & Taxman teases)
14. Boom Boom
15. Rocky Mountain Way [Joe Walsh cover]

Stanton Moore
– drums
Rob Mercurio – bass
Robert Walter – organ
Will Bernard – guitar
Donald Harrison Jr. – saxophone, rap

Adam Kelly
(Stanton Moore‘s In-Town Drum Tech for 14 Years) – drums


Here are a few videos of Frequinox from Jazz Fest 2014:

Frequinox with Eric Bloom & Scott Flynn 5/4/14 New Orleans, LA @ d.b.a.:

Frequinox 5/2/14 New Orleans, LA @ Mardi Gras World – Fiya Fest
Hunk (Robert Walter), Sprung Monkey (Stanton Moore), Penske (Will Bernard), Adelita (Robert Walter), Kickin’ Up Dust (Robert Walter), Chicken Lickin’ (Funk, Inc.)

VIDEOS: Robert Walter’s 20th Congress at the 2013 Bear Creek Music & Art Festival

Robert Walter's 20th Congress

Robert Walter brought the revamped lineup of his 20th Congress band to Bear Creek last year. Watching the dynamic collaboration unfold between Walter and New Orleans-bred drum phenom Simon Lott is nothing short of joyful; as you can see in the clips below they are loving playing together. Add to that the veteran Daptones saxophonist Cochemea Gastelum and scene newcomer Josh Perdue on guitar on bass and the funk flow gets mighty tight!

For their Friday late night set at the inside Technaflora Music Hall stage, Walter and crew got super loose with an encore of 1970’s electric-era Miles Davis covers that topped off the long day of music with a cherry on top. Below that are a few other videos from the last night set with Eddie Roberts of The New Mastersounds joining on guitar. Below that is a few songs from the 20th Congress’ mid-day set the next afternoon. Enjoy!

Robert Walter’s 20th Congress – Friday, November 15, 2013
Live Oak, FL @ Bear Creek Music Festival – Technaflora Music Hall

What I Say > Honky Tonk [Miles Davis covers]

Robert Walter’s 20th Congress – Friday, November 15, 2013
Live Oak, FL @ Bear Creek Music Festival – Technaflora Music Hall

Kool Is Back [Funk Inc cover] (with Chris Stillwell & Mike Dillon)
Corry’s Snail & Slug Death (with Eddie Roberts)
Funky Soul [David Batiste & The Gladiators cover] (with Eddie Roberts)
I Can’t Help It [Smokey Johnson cover]:

Robert Walter’s 20th Congress – Saturday, November 16, 2013
Live Oak, FL @ Bear Creek Music Festival – Purple Hat Stage

Corry’s Snail & Slug Death, Get Thy Bearings [Donovan cover], Dog Party, Maple Plank [Stanton Moore cover]

P.S. Check out these videos of Simon Lott with Marco Benevento & Reed Matthis back in 2009 here.