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D’Angelo – Voodoo Outtakes & Rehearsals (MP3 DOWNLOAD)

D’angelo – Joe Texan (Voodoo Outtakes & Rehearsals)

You know how I be do. Always posting shit and stuff. Here’s some more thangs from my archives. I put this together a few years ago and I just updated it.

MP3 DOWNLOAD: D’Angelo – Voodoo Outtakes & Rehearsals

Voodoo Outtakes & Rehearsals
1. Joe Texan
2. Hard To Earn
3. If You Got Funk You Got Style
4. Funky Drummer (w/ Christian McBride)
5. Ex To The Next
6. More Pride & Vanity
7. Aint Saying Nothin New
8. Bobby Hutchinson
9. Soliloquoy of Chaos
10. Fair But So Uncool
11. Superman Lover
12. Go Back 2 The Thing (posted on Quest’s myspace early 2006, stream rip)
13. Really Love (demo) (played on Australian radio in early 2007 by ?uestlove, stream rip)
14. 1000 Deaths (from James River project, mp3 leaked in 2007)
15. Give Me Your Love (live from 1996, wma source)
16. Mothership Connection (live from 1996, wma source)
17. I Found My Smile Again (original version, myspace stream rip 2008)
18. Girl You Need A Change of Mind (from The Best So Far… 2008, mp3 source)
19. Black Hole Sun (demo cira 2004ish, leaked in 2012)

#1-8 from mp3s posted on Questlove’s swift.fm page in January 2010
#9-11 from unknown source, probably mp3s