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Late Night At The Maple Leaf – Jazz Fest 2013

Johnny Vidacovich, Stanton Moore, Marc Benevento, & Mike Dillon

Johnny Vidacovich, Stanton Moore, Marco Benevento & Mike Dillon
May 4, 2013 (actually 3am to 6 am on the morning of May 5th, 2013)
New Orleans, LA @ The Maple Leaf Bar

Set One (Part 1 of 2):
Margie [Jim Reeves cover] (Stanton & Johnny only), Drums > Improv, Whole Lotta Fun > Dr. Watson:

Set One (Part 2 of 2):
Smacksie [James Booker cover] > Junco Partner [James Booker cover], Stuck In Hell, Fat Redneck Gangster [Garage A Trois cover], ?Improv?, Resentment Incubator [Garage A Trois cover]:

Set Two (Part 1 of 2):
Here Come The Girls [Ernie K-Doe cover], I Don’t Know > Accentuate The Positive > The Real Morning Party, DVS (Dillon, Vidacovich, Singleton theme song) > Get Small > $100:

Set Two (Part 2 of 2):
?Improv?, ??? (inc. I Ain’t Buyin’), Gonzo [James Booker cover], Fragile [Garage A Trois cover]:


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Johnny Vidacovich, George Porter Jr. & Sonny Landreth 4/25/13
Garage A Vidacovich (Johnny Vidacovich, Charlie Hunter, Skerik & Mike Dillon) 4/26/13
Terence Higgins, Marco Benevento, Roosevelt Collier, & DJ Logic in Electro Rage 4/26/13
The Absolute Monster Dumpstaphunklemen aka Maple Leaf Allstars (Jon Cleary, Ivan Neville, Big D Perkins, Tony Hall, Raymond Weber & Jeff Watkins) 4/28/13
Johnny Vidacovich, Jeff Coffin, Felix Pastorius & Futureman 4/28/13
The Booker Thing! (Johnny Vidacovich, Marco Benevento & Reggie Scanlan) 4/30/13
Johnny Vidacovich, George Porter Jr., Ivan Neville & June Yamigishi 5/1/13
Johnny Vidacovich, George Porter Jr., Marco Benevento & Skerik 5/2/13

Skerik’s Bandalabra, The Mike Dillon Band & The Dead Kenny G’s – Live at Cosmic Charlies

Skerik’s Bandalabra
September 18, 2012 Lexington, KY @ Cosmic Charlies

Charlie Don’t Like It, A Love Supreme (John Coltrane cover), ???, Equinox (John Coltrane cover), ?Freeborn?:


The Dead Kenny G’s
May 27, 2012 Lexington, KY @ Cosmic Charlies

Black Truman (Harry The Hottentot), Birther Blues, ???, ???, Gazzelloni [Eric Dolphy cover]

The Dead Kenny G’s
May 27, 2012 Lexington, KY @ Cosmic Charlies

Punk Rock Girlfriend > Like A Rhinestone Cowboy, Gorelick, Daddy Issues (Skerik on guitar), Beer (Skerik on guitar), Trivial Assault, Kill The Poor [Dead Kennedy's cover] > ?Jam? (announced as “I Love Old Man Magoo”)


Mike Dillon Band
August 11, 2012 Lexington, KY @ Cosmic Charlies

???, Harris County, DVS, ???, GoGo’s Theme, Leather On, Fat Redneck Gangster > Percussion Outro

Mike Dillon Band
August 11, 2012 Lexington, KY @ Cosmic Charlies

Set TWO:
???, “The Rainbow Is Missing A Stripe”, Saturn Returns, River Is Burning, Bullsnake, Iphone/Android > “The Gangsta’s Can’t Keep Us Down” > Old Rock Star, Your Mother Was My Teacher, Flourescent Sunburn, Out Demons, Surfin With You, Cedar, Yeah It’s Christmas (So You Went and Shot Some Dope)

The Dead Kenny G’s @ Bear Creek 2012 with George Porter Jr, Billy Martin & more

Dead Kenny G's & George Porter Jr

The Dead Kenny G’s
November 10, 2012
Live Oak, FL @ Bear Creek Music Festival

Kill The Poor [Dead Kennedys cover]
Bywater Bhangra (with George Porter Jr)
Jam (with George Porter Jr)
Yeah Cat (with Billy Martin)
??? (with Roosevelt Collier & Freekbass)
Punk Rock Guilt (with Roosevelt Collier & Freekbass)

AUDIO: Sony ECM-MS908C stereo mic > Canon Vixia HF21
VIDEO 1: Canon Vixia HF21
VIDEO 2: Sony Handycam HDR-CX160 (shot by Ryan Shapiro of Fiyawerx Productions)

Billy Martin & Mike Dillon (Dead Kenny G's)