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New Orleans Jazz Fest Late Night: Break Science Live Band at The Blue Nile 2016

Break Science Live Band 2016 New Orleans Blue Nile

Break Science Live Band
April 30, 2016 New Orleans, LA @ Blue Nile
Part 1 of 2:
Owner Of A Lonely Heart [Yes] > Goin ‘Down [Michal Menert collab], In Full Effect (clip), Hand Clapping Song [The Meters] > Funky Style (clip), Brain Reaction, Intergalactic

Bee Getz as quoted in his NOLA Jazz Fest After-Dark 2016 overview review at Live For Live Music:

Break Science is trendsetter in realms of live electronic music; implementing avant garde approaches to technology while retaining core identity and original sound. The duo comprised of Adam Deitch and keyboardist/sampler/producer Borahm Lee have begun to reinvent themselves as a live band, drafting Lettuce crew Jesus Coomes (bass), Adam “Shmeeans” Smirnoff (guitar) and The Shady Horns (Ryan Zoidis & Eric “Benny” Bloom) to make a formidable dance music dragon.

Break Science Live Band 2016 Blue Nile

It’s clear that familiarity and trust are crucial to the duo’s transition into a full live band. Deitch remains a force behind the kit, propelling the breaks, programming pads, and setting the ultimate tone; while Lee is mad professor, furiously twisting knobs, painting Rhodes colors, and layering the synth waves. Shmeeans and Jesus would lay back, low-down dirty and deep in the cut, serving the songs and keeping it vibey with disciplined restraint.

On the other hand, saxophonist Ryan Zoidis was levitation station, a dude not of this earth. The Shady Horns veteran hellraiser married imaginative melodies with sinister, psychedelic tones; all done through his Korg analog guitar-synth triggered by a custom-equipped mouthpiece. Eric
Benny” Bloom
is well versed in live-band electro-soul from his tours of duty in Pretty Lights Analog Future Band, and his stimulating, muffled wah wailing remained a perfect Zoidis foil in yet another compelling context.

The undeniable Tycho/Kendrick Lamar mashup “Vibe Walk” was a moving expedition, paired with familial collaborations with Michal Menert (“Goin Down”). Two tracks from the recent Manic Science project were reinterpreted: the Nice & Smooth-sampled “Funky Style,” and the haunting Pretty Lights remix “I Can See it in Your Face.” In mixing older Break Science originals like “Zion Station”, re-working NOLA classics (The Meters “Hand-Clapping Song”), and powering through AOR radio staples (Yes‘s “Owner of a Lonely Heart”), the omnifarious Break Science personalities were revealed. A smattering of new songs were interspersed within the set, only adding to the promising potential of this larger unit. Break Science Live Band surpassed many expectations, and chaperoned an enchanting journey down the wormhole of organic electronic music in 2016.

Break Science Live Band
April 30, 2016 New Orleans, LA @ Blue Nile
Part 2 of 2:
Throwback [Michal Menert collab] > I Can See It In Your Face [Pretty Lights], Let’s Go, Vibe Walk [Kendrick Lamar vs Tycho]

NOTE: Please excuse the fact that the audio on these is subpar. I think my Sony ECM-MS908C external video cam microphone started to crap out in a weird way (after extended use in the humidity I guess?). Luckily it didn’t happen until the 8th night (of 8 nights) so it didn’t affect too much of my footage. I promptly replaced the mic. I actually I picked up two because it is no longer being manufactured. I’ve been using these mics since 1999 and they still do a great job. I think I’ve owned 5 of them, if you count the 2 I have now.

Worship My Organ 1/9/16 on Jam Cruise 14

Worship My Organ on Jam Cruise 14

Worship My Organ 1/9/16 Jam Cruise – Part 1 of 5:

Worship My Organ, born as a NOLA Jazzfest engagement, set up shop in the Black and White Lounge, ready to do business. The collaboration of Robert Walter, Skerik, Adam Deitch and Marco Benevento is a maniacal one. For one hour and fifty-seven minutes, the fearsome foursome did not relent, and the music never stopped. The sounds arrived in a series of waves cloaked in frightening darkness; kicking down heady vamps and joints from the most demonic places, Walter, Benevento, Adam Deitch and Skerik unleashed a lesson in sonic bondage and tourniquet terror. Skerik’s inimitable notes serenaded with sadistic intentions.

Drummer Deitch brought out the best in his collaborators, and he channeled a particular personality of his foil that suits the moment’s need. On this night, Deitch was baiting and surrendering to the flow, playing loose and lyrical. Adam, utilizing a garbage can and its lid to augment his floor tom, began to unveil the classic hip hop knock with his lead right foot.

Commandeering the ship, Deitch set the table for Skerik to get diabolical, and unleash his patented spastic shrieks, the torrid response to the Walter/Benevento duality. Each keyboard player found a lane to drive, be it Hammond, Rhodes, or Wurlitzer, and Skerik needed not a reason to get weird. The drummer remained the anchor and the captain of this beautifully nightmarish séance of complete improvisation. Worship My Organ was simultaneously progressive and danceable. This was trip hop and free-Jazz, on steroids. The key tune was the performance itself.

Bee Getz as quoted in his Jam Cruise 14 overview review at Live For Live Music.

Worship My Organ 1/9/16 Jam Cruise – Part 2 of 5:
(listen for The National Anthem by Radiohead around 10 minutes in!)

Worship My Organ 1/9/16 Jam Cruise – Part 3 of 5:

Worship My Organ 1/9/16 Jam Cruise – Part 4 of 5:

Worship My Organ 1/9/16 Jam Cruise – Part 5 of 5:

VIDEO: D’Angelo & The Vanguard 6/14/15 Atlanta, GA @ The Tabernacle


D’Angelo & The Vanguard 6/14/15 Atlanta, GA @ The Tabernacle
Part 1 of 3:
Ain’t That Easy > Vanguard Theme > Betray My Heart > Spanish Joint, Really Love, The Charade, Brown Sugar (inc. Sir Nose D VoidofFunk [Parliament cover] & Hollywood Squares [Bootsy Collins cover]), Sugah Daddy > Funk Jam (inc. Freddie’s Dead [Curtis Mayfield cover])

D’Angelo & The Vanguard 6/14/15 Atlanta, GA @ The Tabernacle
Part 2 of 3:
Encore 1: Another Life, Back To The Future > Left & Right (inc. Good To Your Earhole [Funkadalic cover]) > Chicken Grease > “What It Do” Funk Jam

D’Angelo & The Vanguard 6/14/15 Atlanta, GA @ The Tabernacle
Part 3 of 3:
Encore 2: Till It’s Done (Tutu) > drum solo > Untitled (How Does It Feel)

D’Angelo – vocals, guitars, keyboards

The Vanguard:
Chris “Daddy” Dave – drums
Pino Palladino – bass
Isaiah Sharkey – guitars
Jesse Johnson – guitars
Cleo “Pookie” Sample – keyboards
Kendra Foster – backing vocals
Charlie “Red” Middleton – backing vocals
Jermaine Holmes – backing vocals
Kenneth Whalum III – tenor saxophone
Keyon Harrold – trumpet

Missing sections: second half of Ain’t That Easy, second half of Betray My Heart, ending of Spanish Joint, beginning half of Really Love, first half of the The Charade, middle of Brown Sugar, first half of Sugah Daddy, end of Back To The Future (but includes transition into Left & Right), first half of Left & Right, middle of Chicken Grease, very beginning and two middle sections of Untitled (How Does It Feel).






For more photos, I have a facebook photo album with more video screenshots here.