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Funk It’s Bear Creek Music Fest 2013 Videos

Here it is. A massive slap of funk upside your head. This highlight video will give you a glimpse into this “funky festival in the fall”. Featuring clips from 39 different performances over 3 days and 4 nights, this 27 minute collage represents the work of one man armed with 3 video cameras and 1 mic. With any event bringing together this many talented musicians and acts you can never experience all of it, but I’ll be damned if I didn’t try.

Funk It’s Bear Creek Music & Art Festival 2013 Highlight Video:

Funk It’s Bear Creek Music & Art Festival 2013 Highlight Video:
01. Bernie Worrell Orchestra – Red Hot Momma [Funkadelic cover] (with Freekbass)
02. Jennifer Hartswick Band – Naive Melody (This Must Be The Place) [Talking Heads cover]
03. Lee Fields & The Expressions – Ladies
04. Profit – Yes We Can [Allen Toussaint cover] (with Rachel Murray & Nigel Hall)
05. Robert Walter’s 20th Congress – Corry’s Snail and Slug Death
06. Galactic – Sunday Araq (with Bernie Worrell)
07. Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe – The Hen
08. Bootsy Collins & The Funk Unity Band – Bootsy? (What’s the Name of this Town)
09. Chali 2na & The House of Vibe – Comin’ Thru
10. The Roots – Fantastic [Slum Village / J Dilla cover]
11. Bear Creek Allstars – Them Changes [Buddy Miles cover] (Dumpstaphunk with George Porter Jr, Eric Krasno & Neal Evans)
12. Bear Creek Allstars – For My Friend [Bill Withers cover] (Lettuce with Nigel Hall & Alecia Chakour)
13. Bear Creek Allstars – Shake Everything You Got [Maceo Parker cover] (Ian Neville, Andrew Block, Matt Grondin, Eric Vogel, Joey Porter, Joe Tatten, and ?? on drums)
14. The Nth Power – Jazz Fest 420
15. Toubab Krewe – Keme
16. Ron Haynes’ Game Changers – A Few Good Men [Gordon Goodwin’s Big Phat Band cover]
17. The Revivalists – Chase’s House
18. Monophonics – Sure Is Funky
19. The New Mastersounds – On The Border
20. Space Capone – A-Rod

Galactic with Bernie Worrell

21. The Motet – Gettin’ To Know You [Parliament cover] (with Nigel Hall)
22. Jennifer Hartswick Band – You Got The Love [Rufus & Chaka Khan cover]
23. Galactic – Dollar Diva (with Maggie Koerner & David Shaw)
24. Zach Deputy – Cellular Phone (with Roosevelt Collier)
25. Robert Walter’s 20th Congress – Honky Tonk [Miles Davis cover]
26. The Pimps of Joytime – Dank Janky
27. Antibalas – Beaten Metal (with Skerik)
28. Brownout – Into The Void [Black Sabbath cover] (with Skerik)
29. Kung Fu – Scrab
30. Bonobo Live Band – Sapphire

The Roots at Bear Creek Music Festival

31. George Porter Jr’s Runnin’ Pardners – Ride Your Pony [The Meters cover]
32. Mike Dillon Band – Monk Meets Fela (with Weedie Braimah)
33. Skerik’s Orchestra At Large – Improvisation (with Mike Dillon, George Porter Jr, Brian J, Ryan Zoidis, Igmar Thomas, Natalie Cressman, Cheme Gastelum, Khris Royal, Lucas Ellman, Weedie Braimah & ?? on keys)
34. The Legendary JC’s – Lifted Me (with George Porter Jr & Mike Dillon)
35. Roosevelt Collier & Nigel Hall’s Gospel Surprise – How I Got Over (Nikki Glaspie, Nick Cassarino, Nate Edgar, Weedie Braimah, James Casey, Natalie Cressman, Alecia Chakour, Jennifer Hartswick & ???)
36. Zach Deputy – Home
37. Dumpstaphunk – I Wish You Would (with Natalie Cressman, Igmar Thoms, James Casey, Skerik & ???)
38. Lettuce – Last Suppit
39. Zach Deputy, Jesus Coomes & Simon Allen – After Party Jam Session Improv

Several other videos from the festival have already been posted at http://www.youtube.com/user/thefunkitblog and many more will follow, so stay tuned.

Also, check out Bee Getz’ masterful written review over at JamBase.

Bootsy Collins at Bear Creek Music Festival

VIDEO: Bonobo Live Band returns to Bear Creek Music Festival for a mystifyingly organic set of downtempo electronica & groove

Bonobo Live Band at Bear Creek Music Festival

    Bonobo Live Band at Bear Creek Music Festival 2013

Words by Bee Getz. Video by FunkItBlog.

One of the most revered and cherished performances in Bear Creek Music Festival history was that of Bonobo Live Band in 2010, who produced a brook of organic electronica that served to arouse the inner-naturalist within the festival. The news of Simon Green and Co.’s return was greeted with elation when this year’s lineup was announced; and in 2013, Bonobo would ornament the Amphitheatre Stage with another display of lush, orchestral electronica.

Part 1 of 10:
Cirrus, Sapphire

Launching the set with “Cirrus” from newest album The North Borders, Green was joined by drummer Jack Baker and the exceptionally talented woodwind/multi-instrumentalist Michael Lesirge. Soon the live setup would swell to encompass a three piece horn section, bassist, keyboards, and the breathtaking singer Szjerdene (pronounced “Jhurdeen”). The tall, dark songstress vocals fit naturally early (“Towers”) and deep into the set (“Transits.”) Various band members glided seamlessly in movements that ebbed and swayed with sharp intricacies, the music traversed between ambient and aggressive. Not content on staying behind the tables, Green would play bass guitar and walk around his elegant ensemble.

Bonobo Live Band at Bear Creek Music Festival

Midway through the set, Bonobo dropped solo production performance on his AKAI APC 40 and MPK 25, the vertical light rigs behind Simon aglow; he furiously tapped and twisted Black Sands ‘ Kiara” and later dropped into a bombastic “Ketto” off of Days to Come. The band smoothly joined back in and really rocked out with some jamming and solos, to satiate this particular audience.A run of Bonobo classics- including “Nightlite,” “Reccuring,” and “We Could Forever” showed tight and eclectic playing from everyone onstage, as these tracks have been performed for years with the live band. Another titanic selection, “El Toro,” delighted dancers with its bossa nova and horn/string interplay. “Know You” saw Green wailing on drum pads, as the intertwining male and female vocal samples rang out over jungle beatscience. Bonobo Live Band concluded their superb and sophisticated set with a mouth-watering take on “The Keeper”; for those who doubt the “soul” within electronic music, this was mind-boggling truth to the contrary. – Bee Getz

Part 2 of 10:
Towers, Stay the Same

Part 3 of 10:
Kiara, Ten Tigers, Kong, Ketto

Part 4 of 10:
Ketto (continued), Emkay, First Fires

Part 5 of 10:
First Fires (cont.)

Part 6 of 10:
Jets, Nightlite, Recurring

Part 7 of 10:
Recurring (cont.), We Could Forever, El Toro (inc. drums + sax solos)

Part 8 of 10:
El Toro (cont.), Transits, Know You

Part 9 of 10:
Know You (cont.), Encore: The Keeper, Pieces

Part 10 of 10:
Pieces (cont.)

A full audio recording of this 2013 set is available here.