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Herbie Hancock Quartet 1977 with Jaco Pastorius, Bennie Maupin & James Levi

This is a new complete version of this historic bootleg, which I have compiled from several different sources. These are FLAC files, with the exception of 3 MP3’s.


Herbie Hancock Quartet
February 16, 1977
Chicago, IL @ The Ivanhoe Theater


01. WXRT Radio Intro
02. Chameleon
03. Hang Up Your Hangups
04. Gentle Thoughts (from “Live at the Ivanhoe Theatre” bootleg MP3)
05. It Remains To Be Seen
(banter at end spliced from “Live at Ivanhoe Theatre” bootleg MP3)
06. Jaco Bass Solo (inc. Blackbird/Okonkole y Trompa/Continuum/Portrait of Tracy)
(from “Live at the Ivanhoe Theatre” bootleg MP3)
07. Maiden Voyage (Herbie & Jaco duet)
08. People Music
09. Jaco Bass Solo (alternate version)
(from HH With JP: Live at the Ivanhoe Theater release MP3)
10. 1972 Fender Rhodes Demo – Side A
11. 1972 Fender Rhodes Demo – Side B

Herbie Hancock – Keyboards
Jaco Pastorius – Electric Bass
Bennie Maupin – Soprano & Tenor Saxophone, Lyricon
James Levi – Drums

Ween – Ambrosia Parsley (Caesar Demos 2001-2003)

Ween – Ambrosia Parsley (Caesar Demos)

I’m a big Ween fan. Everyone that knows me knows that. I even have a boognish decal on the back of my car. Anyway, last night Deaner posted these quebec-era demos on facebook. It’s a treasure trove of unreleased tunes, demos and rough mixes from the summer of 2001 to 2003 when the band was recording the quebec album.

This track, Ambrosia Parsley, is the funkiest one on there, with Gener in full-on Prince mode. (“How much sex can we fit in a day? Ambrosia Parsley.”) I think it would fit in just fine on Prince’s Around The World In A Day album. I’d put it right between Condition Of The Heart and Raspberry Beret. Or maybe I’d remove America and just open up side two with Ambrosia Parsley.

The full mp3 fileset is available to download via torrent over at browntracker (the torrent tracker completely dedicated to Ween): http://www.browntracker.net/details.php?id=1811
Or in 2 zip files at mediafire: part one & part two.

Summer 2001 to Spring 2003
“Caesar Demos”

Disc One:
01. Chocolate Town
02. Pot Luck
03. Ooh Vah Lah
04. So Many People In The Neighborhood
05. Linda (The Sexy Dancer)
06. That Man (From The Flatland)
07. Happy Colored Marbles
08. Hey There Fancypants
09. If You Could Save Yourself (You’d Save Us All)
10. It’s Gonna Be A Long Night
11. Oh My Little Country Cottage
12. Among His Tribe
13. Transdermal Celebration
14. Captain
15. Tried & True
16. I Fell In Love Today

Disc Two:
01. I Don’t Want It
02 Ambrosia Parsley
03. Zoloft
04. Love Come Down (recorded on 9-11-01)
05. Alcan Road
06. Don’t Let The Moon Catch You Cryin’
07. You Can Go Shit In Your Hat (Matt)
08. Someday
09. She Caught My Fancy
10. Eulogy For David Anderson
11. Things You Already Know
12. Hello Johnny
13. I’m Wide Open

For another example of how funky Ween can get, check this out: http://funkit.virose.net/?p=384

Prince – Purple Music (1982 unreleased demo)

Prince – Purple Music (finished version) 1982 unreleased

This blog needs to go back a little farther. So we go back to 1982, to hear Prince working on a demo in his home studio. The first track is his finished version and the second track is a working tape containing only vocals and piano. You can literally hear Prince writing the song as he improvises a piano riff, scats a melody, and feels out the groove for nearly 19 minutes. It’s absolutely fascinating.

Don’t forget that you can download any of these mp3s files by clicking on the arrow, right below the “info” button on the right side of the audio box.

Prince – Purple Music (working tape) 1982 unreleased

Next we have the only live performance Prince has ever done of this tune. It’s from his July 23, 2010 performance at the small New Morning club in Paris, France. This particular show took place from 2:25am to 5:45am, after Erykah Badu’s show at L’Olympia earlier that evening.

Prince – Purple Music > All The Critics Love U In New Morning (7/23/10 Paris, France)