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The Roots – Philly’s 4th of July Jam ft. Queen Latifah, Common, Daryl Hall & Lauryn Hill

The Roots with DJ Jazzy Jeff & Brass Heaven 7/4/12 Bustin’ Loose (Chuck Brown cover)

The Roots with DJ Jazzy Jeff & Brass Heaven
plus special guests Queen Latifah, Joe Jonas, Common, Daryl Hall & Lauryn Hill
July 4th, 2012
Philadelphia, PA @ Benjamin Franklin Parkway – Philly’s Fourth of July Jam
SBD > Livestream webcast (unknown kbps) > Cool Edit Pro > WAV > CD Wave Editor (tracking) > MP3


00. The Star Spangled Banner (Naturally 7) (not recorded)
00. ??? (Naturally 7) (not recorded)
01. Theme From Rocky / The Fire (ft. Naturally 7) >
02. Paul Revere (Tribute to MCA & Chuck Brown) [Beastie Boys cover] >
03. Bustin’ Loose [Chuck Brown cover]

04. Queen Latifah interview
Queen Latifah enters:
05. Mercy Mercy Mercy [Joe Zawinul cover] (inc. Living For The City quotes) (ft. Queen Latifah)
06. Poetry Man [Phoebe Snow cover] (ft. Queen Latifah)
07. California Dreamin’ [The Mamas & The Papas cover] (ft. Queen Latifah)
08. Joe Jonas interview
Joe Jonas enters:
09. Just In Love (with Joe Jonas)
10. Fast Life (with Joe Jonas)
11. When You Look Me In The Eyes (with Joe Jonas) >
12. Hello Beautiful (with Joe Jonas & Nick Jonas)
13. Burning Up (with Joe Jonas & Nick Jonas)
14. See No More (with Joe Jonas)
15. Common interview
Common & Skillz enter:
16. DJ Jazzy Jeff solo (with Skillz) > Go (ft. Common)
17. Common freestyle > Celebrate (ft. Common) >
18. I Used to Love H.E.R. (ft. Common) >
19. Love of My Life (ft. Common) >
20. Microphone Fiend [Rakim cover] >
21. U.N.I.T.Y. (ft. Queen Latifah) >
22. Juicy [Notorious B.I.G. cover] (ft. Common) >
23. Just Another Day (ft. Queen Latifah) >
24. Ladies First (ft. Queen Latifah) >
25. The Light (ft. Common)

26. DJ Jazzy Jeff interview
Daryl Hall enters:
27. Eyes For You (Ain’t No Doubt About It) (ft. Daryl Hall)
28. Maneater (ft. Daryl Hall)
29. Rich Girl (ft. Daryl Hall)
30. Sara Smile (ft. Daryl Hall & Queen Latifah)

31. You Make My Dreams (ft. Daryl Hall)
32. I Can’t Go For That (ft. Daryl Hall)

33. Michael Nutter (Mayor of Philly) interview
34. The Next Movement
Lauryn Hill enters:
35. Lost Ones (ft. Lauryn Hill)
36. Ex-Factor (ft. Lauryn Hill)
37. Ready or Not (ft. Lauryn Hill)
38. Fu-Gee-La (ft. Lauryn Hill)
39. Could You Be Loved [Bob Marley cover] (ft. Lauryn Hill)
40. Doo Wop (That Thing) (ft. Lauryn Hill)
41. Interviews with Naturally 7 and Questlove

The Roots:
Black Thought – MC
Questlove – drums
Frankie Knuckles – percussion
Kirk Douglas – guitar
Damon Bryson – sousaphone
Mark Kelley – bass, keys
James Poyser – keys
Daniel Jones – keys

DJ Jazzy Jeff – turntables
Brass Heaven:
Jeff Bradshaw – trombone
Rick Tate – sax
Korey Riker – sax
Matt Cappy – trumpet
Christopher Stevens – trumpet
Queen Latifah – vocals
Adam Blackstone – bass
2 unknown guitar players
3 unknown background vocalists
Joe Jonas – vocals
Nick Jonas – vocals
Skillz – MC
Common – MC
Daryl Hall – vocals, guitar, keys
Paul Pesco – guitar, vocals
?? – guitar (same guy that played on Queen Latifah set)
Lauryn Hill – vocals
Doug Wimbish – bass
?? – guitar
?? – keys
?? – turntables
3 unknown background vocalists

Brought to you by: Funk It & It’s All The Way Live

The Roots & Brass Heaven – 2007 Tour

The Roots & Brass Heaven – Game Theory > Star > Sing A Simple Song > Long Time > I Ain’t No Joke > Get On The Good Foot (3/11/07 NYC @ Nokia Theatre)

Back in early 2007, The Roots went on tour with a 4 piece brass band named Brass Heaven. In my opinion, this tour was the absolute apex of The Roots as a touring unit.

The setlist was awesome, with covers of tunes by Sly Stone, Rakim, James Brown, The JBs, Kool & The Gang, The Police, The New Birth and even Ram Jam’s “Black Betty.”

The energy on these shows was just through the roof. Questlove had a glow in the dark, black and white camo drum kit and even brought out a small trap kit to play at the front of the stage for the JB’s portion of the show. They closed each show with a 15 minute funked out version of The New Birth’s “I Can Understand It” (this arrangement eventually morphed into the arrangement used for the title track on the Roots last album, How I Got Over) complete with a Soul Train Line with each and every band member dancing through.

The track at the top of the page is the first 20 minutes of the show (taken from an excellent audience recording, courtesy of It’s All The Way Live). That track begins with The Roots & Brass Heaven marching into the theatre from the back, unamplified, in New Orleans street parade fashion.  Note Black Thought’s dead on recital of Rakim’s “I Ain’t No Joke” verses (& the pitch perfect recreation of the horn stabs of The JB’s “Pass The Peas,” which Eric B. & Rakim sampled for the original track).  Also, don’t miss the subleties that the sousaphone adds to the bottom end throughout.

The Roots & Brass Heaven – Gimme Some More > Way With Words (2/20/07 Austin, TX @ Stubbs BBQ)

This second track is from the middle portion of the show (taken from a SBD source). It begins with a workout on The JB’s “Gimme Some More,” played by only Brass Heaven & Questlove (playing at the front of the stage on a small trap kit).  This segues into the re-entrance of the full Roots band and the performance of an unreleased tune, roughly titled “Brown Sugar Jawn” aka “Way With Words.” The tune is based on the music of D’angelo’s Brown Sugar with Black Thought’s “Way With Words” verses on top.

Big thanks to sol-exposure for the Tuba Gooding Jr. pic. Check out her site, as she has many great live music pictures.