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UNRELEASED AUDIO: Fela Kuti & Egypt 80 – 1981 Amsterdam & 1988 Lagos Sunsplash

I’m going deep into my archives and unleashing these unreleased live tracks for the very first time. Don’t ask where I got them because I’m not telling. Here we have 4 full-length live tracks from the legendary Fela Kuti with his Egypt 80 band in excellent soundboard quality.


1981 Amsterdam:
01. Gov’t Chicken Boy [27:29]
02. Original Sufferhead [35:26]

1988 Lagos Sunsplash:
01. Big Blind Country [22:20]
02. O.D.O.O. [39:40]

Fela Kuti

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Prince – Purple Music (1982 unreleased demo)

Prince – Purple Music (finished version) 1982 unreleased

This blog needs to go back a little farther. So we go back to 1982, to hear Prince working on a demo in his home studio. The first track is his finished version and the second track is a working tape containing only vocals and piano. You can literally hear Prince writing the song as he improvises a piano riff, scats a melody, and feels out the groove for nearly 19 minutes. It’s absolutely fascinating.

Don’t forget that you can download any of these mp3s files by clicking on the arrow, right below the “info” button on the right side of the audio box.

Prince – Purple Music (working tape) 1982 unreleased

Next we have the only live performance Prince has ever done of this tune. It’s from his July 23, 2010 performance at the small New Morning club in Paris, France. This particular show took place from 2:25am to 5:45am, after Erykah Badu’s show at L’Olympia earlier that evening.

Prince – Purple Music > All The Critics Love U In New Morning (7/23/10 Paris, France)