Bonnaroo SuperJam 2014 feat. Derek Trucks, Chaka Khan, Taj Mahal, Ben Folds, etc.

Bonnaroo SuperJam

Bonnaroo SuperJam group shot by Re:FreshMedia

Derek Trucks Bonnaroo Superjam
June 14, 2014 – 12am
Manchester TN, @ That Tent – Bonnaroo Music Festival

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01. Intro by Hannibal Buress
02. Eleanor Rigby [The Beatles cover]
03. Keep On Growing [Derek & The Dominos cover]
04. Who Knows What Tomorrow May Bring [Traffic cover]
05. Darlin’ Be Home Soon [The Lovin’ Spoonful cover]
06. Kissing My Love [Bill Withers cover]
07. Respect Yourself [The Staples Sisters cover]
08. Everybody’s Gotta Change Sometimes [Taj Mahal]
09. I Can’t Turn You Loose [Otis Redding cover]
10. Statesboro Blues [The Allman Brothers Band cover]
11. These Arms Of Mine [Otis Redding cover]
12. Space Captain [Matthew Moore / Joe Cocker cover]
13. You’ve Got A Friend [Carol King / Donny Hathaway cover]
14. Signed, Sealed, Delivered [Stevie Wonder cover]
15. What Is And What Should Never Be [Led Zeppelin cover]
16. Until You Come Back To Me (That’s What I’m Gonna Do) [Stevie Wonder / Aretha Franklin cover]
17. Tell Me Something Good [Rufus & Chaka Khan]
18. Shining Star [Earth Wind & Fire cover]
19. Sing A Simple Song > I Want To Take You Higher [Sly & The Family Stone cover]

Derek Trucks – guitar
Susan Tedeschi – guitar, vocals
Tim Lefebvre – bass
JJ Johnson – drums
Tyler “Falcon” Greenwell – drums
David Hidalgo – guitar, vocals (Who Knows What Tomorrow Will Bring)
Eric Krasno – guitar
Nigel Hall – keys, vocals (lead vox on Respect Yourself, You’ve Got A Friend & Shining Star)
Kofi Burbridge – keys, flute?
The Shady Horns: Ryan Zoidis (sax), James Casey (sax), Eric Bloom (trumpet)
Alecia Chakour, Jasmine Muhammad, ?Mark Rivers? & Mike Mattison – background vocals
Willie Weeks – bass
James Gadson – drums (enters on t6)
Adam Deitch – drums (enters on t6)
Saunders Sermons – vocals, trombone (on Kissing My Love)
Taj Mahal – guitar, vocals (on t8 to t11)
Anthony Hamilton – vocals (on These Arms Of Mine & Signed Sealed Delivered)
Ben Folds – piano, vocals (on Space Captain)
Chaka Khan – vocals (t14 to t17)
Andrew Bird – ??
Karl Denson – ??

Group photo by Re:Fresh Media.
Live shots by John Partipilo / The Tennessean.

UberJam WamBam
UberJam WamBam

Thank you for posting this fabulous display of talent and musicianship. Its the DT Superjam but true to form Derek makes it about the music and not about, well, Derek. Master blaster having some FUN.

My only modification to the credits provided is that the TTB rhythm section is excluded from the credits - and this is no small thing:

Drums - Tyler Greenwell and JJ Johnson
Bass - Tim Lefebvre


Dl'd and playing in 5 minutes.  Not to rub it in....


I keep trying but get stuck on 51%.


I had no trouble at all downloading this. The file is fine, & packed with some fine photos from the gig, as well! I used internet explorer, clicked on the tab that says download to your computer, then when it reaches 100%, it will give you a couple of options at the bottom (I choose save), then in an instant, you are provided more options (I choose open file location), & the file is right there ready to be opened (I use 7-zip)... voila! I hope this helps, sure worked fine for me.


Anyone having trouble downloading from Mega? Just says starting but will not download


@borisosaurus Not sure whats going on with it. Tried everything that I know. Been downloading music for well over a decade and never ran into a issue like this. Hopefully it will pop up on dropbox or another share site. Thanks for your feedback


@Bearito I got it to download but I couldn't get the file to unzip.  I keep getting an error that says "unable to seek beginning of central directory."  I tried to download it several times.  I think the file is bad.


@Bearito @borisosaurus  When Mega first appeared on the scene, I had problems downloading files from them via I.E., & I had to use Firefox, which did the trick. I haven't had to resort to that method for quite some time, but it might be worth a try for you. Or, if it is o.k. with the owner of this wonderful site, I could provide a fresh upload from a different file hosting service, here (I don't want to step on anyone's toes). Or, I suppose, we could do the e-mail thing, if all else fails. Good luck, & I will check back in periodically.


Thanks borisosaurus. I found someone to up it to dropbox for me. I should have tried Firefox. I tried safari and chrome with no luck for some reason. Thanks again for your kind offer. If anyone needs the dropbox link get at me on here. Its quite the show. Jealous of those in attendance!