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Chris Dave & The Drumhedz @ Paradiso in Amsterdam – North Sea Jazz Festival D’Angelo aftershow

Chris “Daddy” Dave (drums)
Pino Palladino (bass)
Isaiah Sharkey (guitar)
Cleo ‘Pookie’ Sample (keyboards)

Chris Dave & The Drumhedz
July 9, 2012 Amsterdam, Netherlands @ Paradiso – D’Angelo aftershow

1 of 4 – unknown tune or improvisation:

Chris Dave & The Drumhedz
July 9, 2012 Amsterdam, Netherlands @ Paradiso – D’Angelo aftershow

2 of 4 – Cosmic Slop > Actual Proof (Herbie Hancock & The Headhunters):

Chris Dave & The Drumhedz
July 9, 2012 Amsterdam, Netherlands @ Paradiso – D’Angelo aftershow

3 of 4 – Conant Gardens (Slum Village) > unknown ending/outro:

Chris Dave & The Drumhedz
July 9, 2012 Amsterdam, Netherlands @ Paradiso – D’Angelo aftershow

4 of 4 – The Line (D’Angelo):


Chris Dave & The Drumhedz
November 18, 2012 London, England @ Ronnie Scott’s

Set One: http://www.mediafire.com/?r7ddgaqzrtdv3gh
Giant Steps [John Coltrane cover] / Let’s Ride [Q-Tip cover] >
Actual Proof [Herbie Hancock & The Headhunters cover] >
Mainstream [Outkast cover] >
??? >
Fred [Tony Williams Lifetime cover] >

Set Two: http://www.mediafire.com/?jwdqjkyvzadc6ru
Conant Gardens [Slum Village cover] (inc. I Can’t Help It & other teases) >
Guitar solo > ??? >
Send One Your Love [Stevie Wonder cover] >
Zombie [Fela Kuti cover] >
drum solo >
??? >
Hey Joe [Jimi Hendrix cover] >
??? / band intros >
Move [Q-Tip cover] >
Elevators [Outkast cover]

Chris Dave – Drums
Kebbi Williams – Saxophone & Flute
Jermaine Williams – Bass
Isaiah Sharkey – Guitar, Vocals

Pino Palladino & Friends
May 10, 2011 London, England @ Ronnie Scott’s

Set One: http://www.mediafire.com/?q6i46q8mj6a45l4
Off The cuff
Crisis [Bob Marley cover]
Sno’ Peas [Phil Markowitz cover] (with Adam Glasser)
Who’s That Lady [The Isley Brothers cover] (with Hamish Stewart & Adam Glasser)
??? > Zombie [Fela Kuti cover]
Fred [Tony Williams Lifetime cover]

Set Two: http://www.mediafire.com/?8w1chszc5h8pqb1
??? > Conant Gardens [Slum Village cover] (inc. Radiohead and Stevie Wonder teases) > ??? (reprise) >
Just Wrong
It’s A Desperate Situation [Marvin Gaye cover] (with Hamish Stewart) >
Water No Get Enemy [Fela Kuti cover] (with Adam Glasser)
??? >
Guitar [J Dilla cover]
Little Wing [Jimi Hendrix cover]
The Line [D’Angelo cover] (with Adam Glasser) >
Mainstream [Outkast cover] (with Adam Glasser)
2nd Encore:
Chicken Grease [D’Angelo cover] >

Pino Palladino – Bass
Tim Stewart – Guitar
Chris Dave – Drums
James Poyser – Keys
Mark Crown – Trumpet
Harry Brown – Trombone
Jason Yarde – Saxes

Adam Glasser – harmonica
Hamish Stewart – guitar, vocals (Average White Band)


Since you made it this far, here are some bonus D’Angelo videos with upgraded audio:

North Sea Jazz Festival – July 8, 2012:
audience videos with pro/soundboard audio: download zip file
pro/soundboard audio: MP3 or FLAC

BET Awards – July 1, 2012:video or audio

Photos by Anja Sorge. Chris Dave videos by Anja Sorge.
D’Angelo videos:
Playa Playa, Devil’s Pie >Chicken Grease, Lady by Rapha.El
Shit Damn Motherfucker by Anja Sorge
Untitled video by AEILM67
Sugar Daddy video by SLeeuw68

Roy Ayers live with Robert Glasper Experiment & Pete Rock

Roy Ayers, Peter Rock & The Robert Glasper Experiment – July 9, 2011 @ North Sea Jazz Festival – We Live In Brooklyn, Baby

This week I want to hip you to the Robert Glasper Experiment. This group has seamlessly melded jazz and hip hop like no one else. We’re talking about Robert Glasper on piano and fender rhodes, Chris “Daddy” Dave on drums, Derrick Hodge on bass and Casey Benjamin on sax and keytar/vocoder.

Roy Ayers is another artist that is known for melding genres by forever blurring the lines between jazz, funk and soul. So his pairing with the Robert Glasper Experiment at last summer’s North Sea Jazz Festival in Rotterdam, Netherlands was only fitting.

It all started back in April of 2010 when Revive Music Group organized a Roy Ayers Tribute in Harlem that paired the Robert Glasper Experiment with legendary hip-hop producer and DJ, Pete Rock, and contemporary jazz vibraphonist, Stefon Harris. (Check All The Way Live’s exclusive audio recording.) It was also at this April 24, 2010 tribute show that Roy Ayers himself was presented with a Legends and Legacy Award and joined the group for a rendition of his hit, “Searching.” (See the videos here.)

The Roy Ayers Tribute was performed again by the Robert Glasper Experiment, Pete Rock & Stefon Harris on September 11, 2011 in Paris, France. At that show, Bilal joined the group for an expansive and mind-blowing version of “Everybody Loves The Sunshine”. (The full video is on youtube and mp3s are known to circulate of both this show and the Robert Glasper Trio‘s performance with Bilal from the next day.)

This brings us to July 9, 2011, when the Robert Glasper Experiment & Pete Rock threw it down again, this time at the North Sea Jazz Festival and with Roy Ayers receiving top billing. Here I present the full audio recording, 68 minutes long, mp3 format, sourced from the North Sea Jazz Festival web video stream: http://www.mediafire.com/?8fc9l3dsb4bxq3s. Also, part of the performance is available as a DVD download here.

Here is the full info to go along with that mp3:
Roy Ayers with Pete Rock & The Robert Glasper Experiment
July 9, 2011
Congo, Ahoy, Rotterdam, The Netherlands @ North Sea Jazz Festival
SBD > video webstream (unknown kbps) > Cool Edit Pro > WAV > MP3

01. unknown instrumental
Roy Ayers enters:
02. Everybody Loves The Sunshine
Pete Rock enters:
03. Don’t Stop The Feeling
04. We Live in Brooklyn, Baby
05. Pete Rock spins records
06. Don’t Stop The Feeling

Roy Ayers – vocals, vibraphone
Pete Rock – DJ
John Pressley – vocals & percussion
Raeford Gaskins – saxophone
Robert Glasper – piano
Derrick Hodge – bass
Chris Dave – drums
Casey Benjamin – saxophone & vocoder keytar