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The Killa 4 Dilla 4/30/16 New Orleans, LA @ Maison – Fiyawerx Prod. – J Dilla Tribute

Killa 4 Dilla 4/30/16 Maison, New Orleans

The Killa 4 Dilla II – April 30, 2016
New Orleans, LA @ Maison (actually started 5/1/16 @ 3:30am)
Part 1 of 2:
???, The Light (with Ivan Neville, Ian Neville & Nikki Glaspie), [Alvin Ford Jr exits, Louis Cato enters], Thelonius > Players > Get Down > U and Ur Smile > 2 You 4 You, [Louis Cato exits, Adam Deitch enters], Thought U Wuz Nice, So Far To Go

Bee Getz as quoted in his NOLA Jazz Fest After-Dark 2016 overview review at Live For Live Music:

After the rousing success of their first endeavor, a late-night, post-BUKU throwdown, FIYAwerx Productions revealed a Jazz Fest after dark redux, and the Killa 4 Dilla II was born just days before the show. The FIYA Dept had this one tucked up their sleeve for a few weeks, but once they announced the second edition of their J Dilla tribute, the excitement around the city was palpable. Boasting a roster of jazz-funk heavyweights with a healthy appreciation for hip-hop history, the band came together in short order to summon a ghost of The Ummah. Lacing us with two hours of classic Jay Dee, this was Welcome to Detroit, the Frenchman Street edition.

The ensemble included the likes of Borahm Lee (keys and samples), Nate Edgar (bass), Nicky Cake Cassarino (guitar), Ian Neville (guitar), Maurice “Mobetta” Brown (trumpet), Khris Royal (sax and effects), Alvin Ford Jr (drums), Adam Deitch (drums) and emcees Nikki Glaspie and M@ Peoples. The outfit ambled on stage just after two in the morning, and deftly delivered a cadre of bangers that had us “Body Movin'” and crush-groovin’ late into the night. A student of the James Yancey pantheon, Borahm Lee was a revelation; a true-school beat conductor for this focused free-for-all, playing choice Rhodes betwixt a bevy of samples and looping gymnastics. Soulquarian essential oils were in the air on Common‘s “The Light”, and the energy turned Nthfectious; Cassarino‘s slinky Spanky Chalmers licks, Edgar‘s Pino Palladino was perfection, and Glaspie‘s mojo was workin’ through Rashid‘s effervescent verses, the dreaded femcee gripping the mic like it was mama’s gun. Another period piece, Slum Village‘s “Jealousy” was handled with verbal authority by M@ Peoples. This talented local emcee shined on a vast array of Dilla-gence throughout. Brown and Royal passed the champion sound forth and back, and Ford was steady-clicking a metronome of Dillafication, the off-beat/on-beat, blunted breaks mined from a Conant Gardens bassment.

Killa 4 Dilla 4/30/16 Maison, New Orleans

Miraculously, the man, myth, legend, the all-galaxy cat himself, Louis Cato appeared out of thin air and relieved Ford on the drum kit; a segment of virtue and virtuoso, this was beyond Filthy Mcnasty. Naturally, it being a FIYA Dept hip hop show in NOLA, the boy wonder Adam Deitch emerged to nail the illest Iverson crossovers. Lettuce‘s hip-hop heartbeat got luscious on a lucid dreaming “Lightworks,” an MPC piece of masterpiece theater found on Yancey‘s final finished document, Donuts. The Killa chorale continued to bless the Maison massive by honoring the legacy of hip-hop’s greatest producer; emotional readings of several undying soundtracks to our lives included “Runnin'” (The Pharcyde) and the SV/Common slab of heat rocks “Thelonious.” Most treasured was an sojourn through this writer’s amaranthine anthem: De La Soul‘s 1996 word-to-the-wise “Stakes is High”. James Casey and the Mayor of *my* New Orleans Derrick “Smoker” Freeman assumed the role of Plug-One and Plug-Two; this duo led the crew through golden-age, rap-superhero theme music.In a word: FIYA. A new generation of Native Tongues had been reinstated. Vibes? Vibrations. Jay. Love. JazzFest.

The Killa 4 Dilla II – April 30, 2016
New Orleans, LA @ Maison (actually started 5/1/16 @ 3:30am)
Part 2 of 2:
??? > Lightworks > ??? > Jealousy, Runnin’ (Can’t Keep Running Away) > Stakes Is High, Encore: [Adam Deitch exits, Nikki Glaspie enters], Think Twice

The Killa 4 Dilla II:
Borahm Lee – keyboards
Alvin Ford Jr. – drums (beginning until The Light)
Louis Cato – drums (Thelonius > 2 You 4 You)
Adam Deitch – drums (Thought U Wuz Nice > Stakes Is High)
Nikki Glaspie – drums (Think Twice), MC (on The Light)
Nate Edgar – bass
Nick Cassarino – guitar
Maurice Brown – trumpet, MC (on 2 You 4 You, ??? before Lightworks, & Jealousy)
Khris Royal – saxophone
Ivan Neville – vocals (on The Light)
Ian Neville – guitar (on The Light & Runnin’)
M@ Peoples – MC (on Thelonius & Players)
James Casey – MC (on Runnin’, Stakes Is High & Think Twice)
Derrick Freeman – MC (on Stakes Is High)

Greg Bryant - Killa 4 Dilla

Killa 4 Dilla 4/30/16 Maison, New Orleans

Doug Wimbish at Jazz Fest 2015: Electro Rage, WimBash All Stars, Funky But Better

Electro Rage

Terence Higgins’ Electro Rage
May 2nd, 2015 – late night
New Orleans, LA @ Maple Leaf

Source: AKG 522ms>V3+SBD>R44
Location: on stage
Transfer: SD>Picklemacmini> Audacity 2.0.1> Xact 2.35 > FLAC
Recorded and Transferred:Jason Picklemic Loomis picklemic 2 @ gmail

01. DJ Logic intro
02. Improv
03. Improv
04. Watermelon Man [Herbie Hancock cover]
05. Improv
06. Get Down On It [Kool & The Gang cover]
07. Other Shit Improv
08. Improv > The Way You Make Me Feel [Michael Jackson cover]
09. Improv
10. Improv

Electro Rage:
Terence Higgins – drums
Doug Wimbish – bass and effects
Roosevelt Collier – pedal steel guitar
DJ Logic – turntables

Electro Rage 5/2/15 NOLA @ Maple Leaf (Part 1 of 3)
Watermelon Man [Herbie Hancock cover], Improv:

Electro Rage 5/2/15 NOLA @ Maple Leaf (Part 2 of 3)
Get Down On It [Kool & The Gang cover]:

Electro Rage 5/2/15 NOLA @ Maple Leaf (Part 3 of 3)
Other Shit Improv, Improv > The Way You Make Me Feel [Michael Jackson cover], Improv, Improv:



WimBash All Stars:
Doug Wimbish – bass & effects
Khris Royal – saxophone
Big Sam – trombone
Nigel Hall – keys
Alvin Ford Jr. – drums
Joshua Connelly – guitar

WimBash All Stars 5/2/15 NOLA @ Blue Nile (Part 1 of 4)
The Jam [Graham Central Station cover]:

WimBash All Stars 5/2/15 NOLA @ Blue Nile (Part 2 of 4)
Body Heat [James Brown cover]:

WimBash All Stars 5/2/15 NOLA @ Blue Nile (Part 3 of 4)
Do That Stuff [Parliament cover], Good Times / Rapper’s Delight (with Maurice Brown & unknown trumpeter):

WimBash All Stars 5/2/15 NOLA @ Blue Nile (Part 4 of 4)
Good Times / Rapper’s Delight (with Maurice Brown & Derrick Freeman) > Doug Wimbish bass solo > Don’t Call Me Nigger, Whitey [Sly & The Family Stone cover]:



Funky But Better:
Big Sam – trombone
Maurice Brown – trumpet, rap
Doug Wimbish – bass and effects
Marco Benevento – organ
Terrence Houston – drums
Roosevelt Collier – steel guitar
Brian J – guitar

Funky But Better 5/3/15 NOLA @ Blue Nile (Part 1 of 4)

Funky But Better 5/3/15 NOLA @ Blue Nile (Part 2 of 4)

Funky But Better 5/3/15 NOLA @ Blue Nile (Part 3 of 4)

Funky But Better 5/3/15 NOLA @ Blue Nile (Part 4 of 4)
If I’m In Luck, I Just Might Get Picked Up [Betty Davis cover] (with Michelle Sarah):

Late Night Jazz Fest 2012: Steven Bernstein’s Fest Mob at Hi Ho Lounge (ft. Kirk Joseph, Marco Benevento, Will Bernard & Mike Dillon)

Steven Bernstein's Fest Mob

Late night during jazz fest in New Orleans is when the wonderful and surreal musical combos form. Once only configurations that occur on the other side of midnight…

Steven Bernstein’s Fest Mob:
Steven Bernstein – trumpet, slide trumpet, bandleader
Kirk Joseph – sousaphone
Will Bernard – guitar
Mike Dillon – drums, percussion, tablas
Marco Benevento – keys
Mark Southerland – saxophone and other weird instruments
Derrick Freeman – drums
David Harris – trombone (Delfeayo Marsalis Group, Dirty Dozen Brass Band)
Alfred Growe – trombone (Stooges Brass Band)

Part 1:
Sign ‘O’ The Times Jam (without Marco)
?unknown song? (without Marco)
?unknown song?
?unknown song?

Part 2:
Indian Red (with Derrick Freeman & David Harris)
Keyboard solo > Live & Let Die [Paul McCartney & Wings cover]
For What It’s Worth [Buffalo Springfield cover] (with Derrick Freeman, David Harris & Alfred Growe)
?old NOLA song? (with David Harris)

AUDIO: SBD (multitrack) by Steve Richardson of LiveMusicNola
VIDEO: Canon Vixia HF21 by FunkItBlog

Steven Bernstein & Kirk Joseph

Kirk Joseph & Steven Bernstein

Thanks to Greg Aiello for the photos! Check out his wonderful photoblog.