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AUDIO: Johnny Guitar Watson 12/8/76 Paris, France @ Le Bataclan (uncirculated audio from The French Gentleman’s Tape Collection)

Johnny Guitar Watson
December 8, 1976
Paris, France @ Le Bataclan

FM/SBD > Reel To Reel (mono, 1st gen) > WAV > FLAC > WAV > Cool Edit Pro
(convert to stereo) > CD Wave Editor (tracking) > FLAC
Recorded by The French Gentleman
Transfered by unclemeat
Tracked and seeded by RLBayers


01. I Don’t Want To Be A Lone Ranger >
02. Superman Lover
03. Cuttin’ In
04. Gangster of Love Intro >
05. Gangster of Love > Baby What You Want Me To Do > Gangster of Love >
06. Ain’t That A BitchJohnny Guitar Watson 1976 Paris @ Le Bataclan
07. Everyday I Have The Blues
08. Stormy Monday
09. blues intrumental and outro
Johnny Guitar Watson
November 8, 1975
Paris, France @ Palais de Chaillot

10. three songs

FULL AUDIO DOWNLOAD: Questlove’s Bonnaroo Superjam featuring D’Angelo!!!

UPDATE: A new audio source has surfaced, which, in my opinion, has slightly better quality. Audio taper travelinbeat posted his recording of this superjam in February of 2013 as 24 bit flac files (which are no longer available). I have converted to 16 bit flac and you can download travelinbeat’s new source right here:

MP3 (travelinbeat source): DOWNLOAD

16BIT FLAC (travelinbeat source: TORRENT DOWNLOAD

24BIT FLAC (travelinbeat source): NO LONGER AVAILABLE

Also, Bonnaroo365 has posted 4 youtube episodes about this superjam, a total of 39 minutes of interviews, behind the scenes, and live footage. The videos have been embedded at the bottom of this post.


Thanks to one of my close friends we have an excellent audio recording of D’Angelo‘s first U.S. performance in 12 years! On the morning of June 10, 2012 at 12:15am central time, Questlove hosted the Bonnaroo Music Festival Superjam and the rest is history. Finally, the Soulquarians reunited after 12 years!





Questlove’s Bonnaroo Superjam featuring D’Angelo & The Soulquarians
June 9, 2012 (actually 12:15am on June 10th, 2012)
Manchester, TN @ Bonnaroo Music Festival
Source: Schoeps mk4v (DINa/FOB) > kcy > Sonosax SX-M2-LS2 > Sony M10 (24/48)
Transfer: Micro SD > Sound Studio > xACT > FLAC

Intro >
Have You Ever Been (To Electric Ladyland) [Jimi Hendrix] (including Go Back 2 The Thing & Superman Lover [Johnny Guitar Watson] teases) >
Pride And Vanity [Ohio Players] >
Players Balling (Players Doin’ Their Own Thing) [Ohio Players]
Funky Dollar Bill [Funkadelic] >
Hit It And Quit It [Funkadelic] >
What Is And What Should Never Be [Led Zeppelin]
Babies Making Babies [Sly & The Family Stone] >
Hollywood Squares [Bootsy Collins] >
Mother’s Son [Curtis Mayfield] (including Chicken Grease tease)
Power of Soul [Band of Gypsys]
She Came In Through The Bathroom Window [The Beatles]
My Summertime Thang [The Time] >
Jam (including Fire [Ohio Players] & other teases)

Questlove – drums
Kirk Douglas – guitar
James Poyser – keys
Frank Knuckles – percussion
Pino Palladino – bass
Eric Leeds – saxophone
Jesse Johnson – guitar
Kendra Foster – vocals
D’Angelo – vocals, guitar, keys

All photos by Questlove.

P.S. You can find Questlove’s 2005 Bonnaroo Superjam with Herbie Hancock, Pino Palladino & Lionel Loueke here.

P.S.S. If you’ve missed it, I recently featured audio downloads of D’Angelo in Paris 2012, Voodoo Outtakes & Rehearsals, D’Angelo North Sea Jazz Festival 2000 audio and video and D’Angelo North Ea Jazz Fest 2012 video + Chris Dave & Friends aftershow video. Make sure you don’t miss any of those.

D’Angelo – Voodoo Outtakes & Rehearsals (MP3 DOWNLOAD)

D’angelo – Joe Texan (Voodoo Outtakes & Rehearsals)

You know how I be do. Always posting shit and stuff. Here’s some more thangs from my archives. I put this together a few years ago and I just updated it.

MP3 DOWNLOAD: D’Angelo – Voodoo Outtakes & Rehearsals

Voodoo Outtakes & Rehearsals
1. Joe Texan
2. Hard To Earn
3. If You Got Funk You Got Style
4. Funky Drummer (w/ Christian McBride)
5. Ex To The Next
6. More Pride & Vanity
7. Aint Saying Nothin New
8. Bobby Hutchinson
9. Soliloquoy of Chaos
10. Fair But So Uncool
11. Superman Lover
12. Go Back 2 The Thing (posted on Quest’s myspace early 2006, stream rip)
13. Really Love (demo) (played on Australian radio in early 2007 by ?uestlove, stream rip)
14. 1000 Deaths (from James River project, mp3 leaked in 2007)
15. Give Me Your Love (live from 1996, wma source)
16. Mothership Connection (live from 1996, wma source)
17. I Found My Smile Again (original version, myspace stream rip 2008)
18. Girl You Need A Change of Mind (from The Best So Far… 2008, mp3 source)
19. Black Hole Sun (demo cira 2004ish, leaked in 2012)

#1-8 from mp3s posted on Questlove’s swift.fm page in January 2010
#9-11 from unknown source, probably mp3s