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Fiya Fest 2014 Highlights – New Orleans, LA

Fiya Fest 2014

Fiyawerx Productions did it again for a 2nd year in a row, putting on a lineup of complete fiya, with all the proceeds benefiting The Roots of Music. Combining the best performers in New Orleans with other musical icons and up and coming acts in the contemporary funk scene, Fiyawerx Productions is pushing the storied history of New Orleans music forward while investing heavily in the cultural heritage of the city.

If you are in New Orleans for the Jazz & Heritage Festival, Fiya Fest is an event that is not to be missed. I’ve been very fortunate to be asked to helped document these once in a lifetime musical moments and below I’ve shared video clips from most of the acts that performed this year. I believe the music is for everyone and should be enjoyed and spread far and wide. I think the Fiyawerx krewe would likely agree with me, so I’ve shared quite a lot of footage in hopes that those that could not attend can enjoy these “once only” live collaborations.

Maceo Parker & Friends (Eric Krasno, Nigel Hall, Nikki Glaspie, Calvin Turner & The Shady Horns)
“Go Ahead” (inc. Mothership Connection & Sing A Simple Song), Uptown Up, Shake Everything You Got

The Headhunters Super Jam (Mike Clark, Bill Summers, Donald Harrison, Fred Wesley, Blackbyrd McKnight, Doug Wimbish, Eric McFadden, Ivan Neville & Karl Denson)
Four String Drive
Paging Mr. Wesley (with DJ Logic, and Will Bernard replacing Eric McFadden)
Shekere Intro > Watermelon Man (with Will Bernard replacing Eric McFadden, Donald Harrison replacing Ivan Neville, and ??? on Fender Rhodes)

The Nth Power
Waiting, Thank You (ending jam), Catfish [Four Tops cover]

The Midnite Disturbers Allstar New Orleans Brass Band
Baker’s Dozen [Galactic cover] (with Brandon “Taz” Niederauer)
Snowball [Dirty Dozen Brass Band cover] (with Brandon “Taz” Niederauer & Cyril Neville)
Who Took The Happiness Out? [Dirty Dozen Brass Band cover] > Jam > A Day At The Races (Chali 2na) > Freestyle (Chali 2na) > Who Took The Happiness Out? (reprise) (with Rahzel, Chali 2na, Brandon “Taz” Niederauer & Cyril Neville)

Eddie Roberts West Coast Sounds
unknown song

GRITTSS (George Porter Jr, Roosevelt Collier, Ivan Neville, Tony Hall, Terrence Houston, Big Sam & Sam Kininger)
The Chicken [The J.B.’s cover] (with Bernie Worrell)
Genius of Love [Tom Tom Club cover] (with Bernie Worrell) >
Let’s Get Fired Up [Zigaboo Modeliste cover] (with Bernie Worrell & Corey Glover)
Will It Go Round In Circles [Billy Preston cover] (with Bernie Worrell, Corey Glover, Billy Iuso, Norwood Fisher & Eric McFadden)
Welcome To New Orleans [Zigaboo Modeliste cover] (with Bernie Worrell)

101 Runners
Shoo Fly

The Revivalists
Masquerade (with Jennifer Hartswick, Carly Meyers & Khris Royal)
Stand Up (with Brandon “Taz” Niederauer)
Sunny Days (with Jennifer Hartswick, Carly Meyers & Khris Royal)
Whipping Post [Allman Brothers Band cover] (with Pete Murano on guitar)

Clint Maedgen (of Preservation Hall Jazz Band)
unknown song

The Heard
unknown song

Frequinox (Stanton Moore, Robert Walter, Will Bernard & Robert Mercurio)
Hunk (Robert Walter), Sprung Monkey (Stanton Moore), Penske (Will Bernard), Adelita (Robert Walter), Kickin’ Up Dust (Robert Walter), Chicken Lickin’ (Funk, Inc.)

Fiya Fest Schedule

You can also find my videos from the 2013 Fiya Fest here and the 2012 and 2011 Fiyawerx Family Funktion Crawfish Boils here and here.

Tom Tom Club – “1980-1981 demos” aka “Rough Instrumentals For First Album”

Tom Tom Club – L’Eléphant (Rough Instrumentals For First Album)

Tom Tom Club
“1980-1981 demos” aka “Rough Instrumentals For First Album”


01. Genius of Love
02. Wordy Rappinghood
03. On, On, On, On… (version 1)
04. On, On, On, On… (version 2)
05. Tom Tom Theme
06. L’Eléphant
07. As Above, So Below
08. Lorelei

Mark Kadzielawa: “Not too many people know that Adrian Belew played guitar on several cuts from the first album. What was it like to work him in the studio?”
Chris Frantz: “Well, we actually had hoped that Adrian would stick with Tom Tom Club. What we did, we recorded all the basic tracks, and then we had Adrian come down. We brought his whole family down. Him and his family, we flew them down to the Bahamas. He came over with his wife, and his two kids, and we had a wonderful time. He overdubbed the guitar part onto the stuff that we’ve had already recorded. We did at least one instrumental track with him that we began with him there. It was called “Tom Tom Theme,” where Adrian actually hit the piano strings with drumsticks, and it was kind of neat. Adrian is a great guitarist, and we actually spoke to Chris Blackwell about offering Adrian a solo deal, which may not have happened if we hadn’t asked him to. We thought very highly about Adrian, but as soon as he finished, he was off working with Robert Fripp. We barely saw him again, and after that I think I only seen him one time since then at the MTV studios.”
– excerpted from 69 Faces of Rock


As a little bonus, check out this recently unearthed Talking Heads live recording, and download the full show here.

Talking Heads – Born Under Punches 8/27/80 NYC @ Central Park